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Updated : January 15, 2013

International exchange activated with globalization

As the World Becomes Globalized, International Exchanges Increase

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As the economy and society become globalized, there is a growing interest in the world beyond our borders, making it much more important to have communication with people from other cultures. Ehime Prefecture is making use of its long tradition of involvement with people overseas through international exchanges in areas such as the economy, culture, sports and education.

Currently the prefecture and the municipalities are placing an emphasis on the geographically and economically close Asia-Pacific regions as their main target. Economic exchange agreements and sister-city or friendship cities in various countries are listed below. Also in Ehime Prefecture, there are many activities with people-to-people exchanges in areas of culture, education and volunteering.

International sister cities / Economic exchange counterparts

Ehime Prefecture

City of Dalian (China)

Liaoning Xiao (China)

British Columbia (Canada)

Queensland (Australia)

New South Wales (Australia)

Hawaii (USA)

Matsuyama City

City of Sacramento, CA (USA)

City of Freiburg (Germany)

City of Pyeongtaek (South Korea)

Imabari City

City of Panama (Panama)

City of Lakeland, FL (USA)

Uwajima City

City of Xiangshan, Zhejiang Xiao (China)

City of Honolulu, HI (USA)

Niihama City

City of Dezhou, Shandong Xiao (China)

Saijo City

City of Baoding, Hebei Xiao (China)

Shikokuchuo City

City of Xuancheng, Anhui Xiao (China)

Uchiko Town

City of Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Germany)

Ikata Town

City of Red Wing, MN (USA)