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Updated : January 15, 2013

Ehime Prefectural Center for Environmental Creation

For the future …For our children …Getting together all our knowledge and ideas,we will create a new regional model.

Our mission

Not being bound by the traditional ideas of environment, we will study environment in a wider range and find out what is to be done best about it. We think that “creation” should involve daring jumps into the unknown areas. We would emphasize raising environmental issues more than acting upon them.

Our Network

For environmental creation we plan comprehensive developments of advanced technologies such as utilization of biomass and conservation of biodiversity, and strengthen research functions of environment.

Message from Director

The biggest environmental issues in the world today are climatic changes and biodiversity, which are true of Ehime Prefecture. We need to envision our realistic steps to take in Ehime and take action.

Climatic changes are what we ought to approach internationally but biodiversity is what we ought to tackle locally, regionally and nationally. Living things in Japan differ from those outside Japan, and the same can be said about those in urban and rural areas. The biodiversity in Ehime Prefecture would be different from it in Kochi Prefecture. That is to say, we need to approach it in our own way, Ehime way, because it would be hard to find a fine model in other places. Getting to know diverse living things and nature in Ehime, keeping them intact and making the most of them directly concern our daily lives and economy. It is desirable that not only city and prefectural governments but also people participate and work together to plan and make new and unique efforts in this regard.

Climatic changes center on “energy conservation” and “utilization of natural energies.” The former involves the utilization of biomass and so does the latter. In addition natural energies include small-sized hydraulic power generation and wind-power generation, which Ehime is rich in.

Beautiful mountains and sea and mild nature are what can be called Ehime’s 21st-century resources. They are also expected to generate new industries and employments.

We would like to ask people in Ehime to join and understand what we do, and cooperate with us. We hope to hear your requests, ideas and frank opinions about us.

Director of Ehime Prefectural Center for Environmental Creation
Ryo Tachikawa

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